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Horse Feathers

by Iscah
Horse Feathers Available now on Kindle Unlimited!

Genre: Fantasy
Length: approx.

Phillip is a young boy bored by his routine life at the unicorn stables. He longs for adventure and a pegasus, but for now, he must depend on passing travelers to tell him about the world. Until one day, his father makes an announcement that changes everything...

Reading Order: Horse Feathers is the second story of four in the Before the Fairytale set, chronologically overlaps The Girl With No Name, and acts as prequels to Seventh Night. However, it's perfectly fine to read the stories out of order. They enchance each other but do not require each other to be understood.

Author's Suggested Order: Seventh Night followed by the Before the Fairytale set: The Girl With No Name followed by Horse Feathersfollowed by The Hidden Prince.
Suggested Reader Age: 9 to Adult
Facebook Page: BeforetheFairytale
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