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What age is the Seventh Night series written for?

Seventh Night is an adult novel that's clean enough for younger readers to enjoy too. We recomend 10+ due to some mild violence and adult themes like arranged marriage. There's a bit of storybook in the telling, but that's part of the metafiction element.

The "Before the Fairytale" set of four stories features the main characters from the novel during their youths, so they may appeal more to young adult readers.

Is Mortagin really dead?


Is Seventh Night a Romance?

Seventh Night is a romance in the older use of the word which is (according to "a story, written or recited, of the adventures of a knight, hero, etc". While there is some boy meets girl that's central to the plot, in modern genre terms it is more a fantasy adventure with romantic elements than a romance with fantasy elements.

Do You Have a Fanfiction Policy?

Yes. We love fan fiction; however, Seventh Night is intended for an all ages (or at least PG/K+) type audience. So at the request of the author, we will allow fanfiction, but with rules:

1. No selling your fanfiction or fanart.

2. No M, MA, or Pornographic fanfiction. The film equivalent to M and MA is R or NC-17. So no sex scenes, no F-bombs, and no detailed graphic violence.

3. No Incest. Period.

4. No Slash with existing characters. None of the named characters in the story are gay. You would be offended if someone reassigned your sexuality, so please respect theirs. This rule is to dissuade voyeuristic slash. If you want to create a homosexual, bisexual, etc. original character, go ahead.

5. Please remember a disclaimer at the beginning of each file if digital, and on each page if printed (like a footer) that identifies your work as fanfiction and not official material.

If you feel that these restrictions stifle your creativity, consider it motivation to go make up your own characters or write your own worlds.

Violaters in most cases will be first asked to cease and desist, except in the case of clearly pornographic work, in which case we may go straight to the lawyers.
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