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What's an Amoeba?

An amoeba (or ameba) is a small single celled organism.

How do you pronouce Amoeba?

ah-mee-ba ...the "o" is silent. We left it cause it looks pretty. Also there's some designers in Australia that go by Ameba. Since they do shirt/clothing design as well, we didn't want to cause confusion.

What's the significance of the amoeba?

An amoeba is small and very flexible, but also a fairly independent creature.

What kind of company is Amoeba Ink?

Amoeba Ink is a multi-media content creation company intended to facilitate collaborations and support its creative contributors. This may mean publishing things directly or more often working in cooperation with other companies.

How are Amoeba Ink, Amoeba Play Group, and Amoeba Dreams related?

Amoeba Dreams was the name of my amateur production company in college. I bought the domain to host online portfolios for a writer and two artists friends. In October 2008, Amoeba Play Group was started as a small child care service with the intention of funding artistic endeavors. Amoeba Play Group incorporated as Amoeba Ink in 2009.

Amoeba Play Group continues to exist as the child care side of the business, but may fade out eventually.

Our Books and Comics will be published under the Amoeba Ink name.

The future of using the name Amoeba Dreams is currently up in the air.

Is Amoeba Ink a Christian company?

Amoeba Ink is Christian owned and currently most of the artists/writers we represent are Christian. Our first attempted comic title "Orange and Blue Cream" is a Christian comic. However we're not limited to Christian only material. We don't hire or promote artists because they are Christian. We promote them because they are good artists.

We do try to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and put forth material with some sort of positive message. A majority of our output will be family or all ages appropriate. However in the future, we may put out some PG-13 and possibly R material if we feel it's necessary to tell a particular story, so please read the age warnings.

What Happened to Orange and Blue Cream?

We had issues with the printer which caused an infinite number of delays. Then the artist and writer Ashley decided to redraw the comic as well as enroll in art at the moment not sure exactly when OBC will make it's public debut, but Ashley has started on the new pages and is scheduled to graduate soon. You can follow the progress and redesigns on Ashley's Deviant Art Blog.

Are You Hiring? Or accepting submissions?

Not currently. We're a very small, close knit group of multi-talented friends, who are currently working for royalties. For the immediate time, we're going to be pulling talent from friends, family, and people we already know. As the company grows we may have hiring needs, but that's a ways off. However if you see us at cons or on the web, feel free to say hi and show us what you do.

If things go well, we may be needing a colorist sometime in the not too distant future, but don't send in submissions until we have a process, okay? Just check back every few months and/or make friends with Kay and Kristen, on Deviant Art.

Who are the Amoeba Ink contributors?

There are five artist/writers who are partially represented by or contributing to Amoeba Ink.

Kay Iscah - Holds a B.S. in Mass Communications. She writes, edits, draws, acts, sings, and designs webpages. All business matters will initially go through Kay.

Kristen Michelle Collins - Holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and works full time as a graphic designer for a large company. Kristen is an exceptionally talented artist and writer who has conquered a variety of mediums.

Ashley Malone - Ashley is a talented artist and storyteller who holds a B.F.A. in Media Art & Animantion.

Nate Connell - Nate writes and draws comics as a hobby. He got involved with Amoeba Ink when Kay asked him to draw some comics to make her book on budgeting more fun. He's now expanded into 3D computer graphics. You can see his animation of our logo on YouTube.

P.J. Lockabey - P.J. is a writer, singer, musician, and storyteller. He'll be working with us mainly on non-fiction titles to start out.

Can I hire you?

Yes and no. We're pretty busy with our own projects, but we can work on simple jobs for the right price...and we're not restrictive with either our staff or our independent contributors, so all our artists can take on side projects if they choose.

You can view Kristen's website for her commission rates and see Ashley's portfolio for samples of her work. (Kristen or Ashley may be contacted directly for jobs if you want one of them). Otherwise contact us through:

If you already have a budget in mind, please let us know.

Can you do special requests on Cafepress or Zazzle items?

Certainly. Simple requests will not cost you any extra beyond our standard retail price. For more time consuming requests, we can add the price of our labor into the Cafepress/Zazzle markup, so you only have to worry about making one payment rather than two.

Generally simple requests involve putting an existing piece of artwork onto an item for you or creating a simple word shirt. If the request requires new or exclusive art, then the price will increase.

What other kind of work can you handle?

If it can be done with pencil and paper, paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or MSWord, we can probably handle it. We can create simple, html only websites, but we don't host them. We've been pretty happy with for our hosting needs. Likewise, we can get files printer/press ready, but we don't have the capacity to print out anything beyond what the typical inkjet can handle.

We love comics and comic books, so we'd be happy to work on yours, but we can't accept commission/royalty only projects. We have our own stories to finish.

Starting summer of 2014: We're specifically interested in branching into providing bookcover design and book/comic layout services and are attempting to add a copyeditor to our team.

E-mail for more details.

Can you watch my kids?

Sorry, no, the Amoeba Play Group is currently closed to new clients.
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